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  • Code 5001
  • Silver 925
  • Made in Greece

Caryatis is the name given to the sculpture that has a female form and serves to support buildings. The word Karyatis in ancient Greek means Daughter of Karyes, a city near Sparta. It is a variation of Kore and is used in architecture instead of columns as a decorative support on gates, facades, cornices, friezes, roofs and so on. This bead is an exact replica of one of the six Caryatid figures of the Erechtheion Veranda on the Acropolis of Athens. There are only five back on the Acropolis when one of them was removed by Lord Elgin in the early 19th century and is now in the British Museum in London. Apart from being very beautiful and having a great impact on the architecture over time, the Caryatids also have a symbolic meaning. Caryatid is also considered a symbol of female and female power.

  • Standards


    Silver 925

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